Protect Your Investments By Keeping Your Products Safe

Keeping products safe in harsh conditions can be achieved when Galvanized Pallet Rack systems are used. This type of shelving is corrosion resistant and ideal for outdoor storage with a roof cover but no sides, refrigerator or freezer use, and outdoor garden centers in retail operations. Wet environments or conditions can cause many other types of shelving units to rust or fall apart. A galvanized pallet rack can withstand rust and will maintain its structural integrity for a long period. Galvanized shelving has some additional costs associated with it, but it’s well worth it considering the corrosion it can withstand.

In order to make this type of strong galvanized shelving units, all of the oils and dirt are removed. Once dried, the pallet rack is put in molten zinc at very high temperatures. Once the rack is taken out, it reacts with the oxygen and carbon dioxide to produce a corrosive-proof surface. A galvanized rack system is ideal to maintain a sanitary environment like a food storage or pharmaceutical supply company requires. Painted rack systems can peel, flake, and look worn out in a short amount of time. This will not happen with a pallet rack that’s been galvanized.

Selective pallet racks are great for direct access to each pallet and can be customized. They can be adjusted and are generally cost effective. The pallet rack system is easy to add to a current one. If a few components need to be replaced, these pieces can be changed. High-strength steel shelving is manufactured to handle the heavy-duty loads. Galvanized pallet racks can be reconfigured to increase storage or change the warehouse layout without the need to purchase new shelving. Stainless shelving is very costly, but galvanized shelves will continue to look great for years and cost much less.

Red Steel Material Handling is the only galvanized steel pallet rack supplier in the United States. They offer free quotes and provide some of the best products on the market today. If your company is looking to expand the storage space you need with quality shelving that will last for years to come, galvanized pallet racks will work.

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